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  • OPPO MAXWRAP can be applied so that the support/compression can be specifically selected and isolated to the injured part of the limb, while leaving the rest of the limb free of compression.

  • This concept and the construction of the fabric, is so unique and fundamentally different from any of its competitors that it is patented internationally.

  • With the silicone side facing the skin, apply concentric overlapping layers around the ankle, calf, hamstring, knee, thigh, wrist, or elbow at the level required.

  • CoolPrene® dissipates heat during use to reduce or avoid undue perspiration and heat discomfort, especially during prolonged use.

  • When CoolPrene® brace is in use, it stretches in a bidirectional manner, creating a pumping action to allow fresh cool air to flow through the channels, while a certain amount of heat and moisture is able to pass from the skin surface to the outside of the brace through the slits of the CoolPrene®. The slits open when the brace stretches, creating an air flow path.

  • The ceramic supports are made of the highest technological fiber emitting infrared ray. It helps the body absorb, preserve its heat for the repair of its tissues. It provides safe, reliable and speedy results.

  • Cotton lining with far-infrared rays and negative ions fiber.

  • Elastic mesh keeps your skin dry and comfortable.

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